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Evaluations are offered in sensory processing, gross and fine motor development, postural foundations and perceptual development. Areas to be explored in the evaluation are determined by parental concern, telephone interview and background information. Tests will be selected to provide information relevant to understanding the nature of the child's difficulties, determine if treatment is indicated and an appropriate plan of action. It is possible that occupational therapy may not be necessary and home program suggestions will be given as well as possible community resources. At times referral for other professional evaluations may be suggested.

A Comprehensive Evaluation includes gross and fine motor testing along with exploration of sensory processing. *

A Modified Evaluation explores 2 areas of concern such as:

    • Gross and Fine Motor testing
    • Fine Motor and Perceptual Development
    • Gross Motor and Sensory Processing
    • Fine Motor and Sensory Processing

A Single Area Evaluation for difficulty such as:

    • Fine Motor and Visual Perception (Depending upon age)
    • Gross Motor
    • Sensory Processing *

* At times it is helpful to include a school observation along with the evaluation.

The cost of the evaluation is determined by the breadth of areas explored, professional time administering testing, scoring, providing a comprehensive written report and follow up parent conference.

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