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Indications for Referral


  • Gross Motor Difficulties:
    • Participating in Playground & Sports Activities
    • Learning new movement games, dances and exercises
    • Throwing and catching balls
    • Learning to ride a bike
    • Climbing structures
    • Running, hopping, jumping rope, skipping
    • Sense of personal body space, bumping into others
    • Clumsy, trips and falls frequently
    • Poor Posture
    • Sitting still in chair, wiggly
    • Tires easily, low endurance

  • Fine Motor Skill Difficulties:
    • Poor handwriting-legibility, spacing, sizing
    • Writing process is laborious and stressful
    • Avoidance of writing
    • Art immature for age
    • Managing tools-scissors, eating utensils
    • Trouble with buttons, snaps, tying shoes, etc.
    • Solving puzzles, mazes and other visual spatial games

  • Sensory Processing Difficulties:
    • Irritated by clothing, shoes, seams in socks, messy art projects, washing or cutting hair
    • Dislikes being touched unexpectedly
    • Overly sensitive to sounds, smells
    • Limited food preferences and eating problems
    • Overwhelmed or overly stimulated at parties, special events, theaters and the playground
    • Tolerating changes in routine or schedule
    • Poor attention, easily distracted
    • Trouble completing multi-step projects
    • Seeks out excessive movement, and/or touch
    • Decreased awareness of body signals (hunger, thirst, bladder)
    • Fearful of Heights or Movement
    • Difficulty with Self-Regulation (frequent melt downs, hard to self-soothe)

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