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"Contacting OT-4 Kids was the single best decision we've made as parents. Our now 7 year-old son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder a year ago and we immediately started researching places for therapy. After speaking with Patti we knew immediately we had found the right place. Patti made us feel comfortable right away. She acknowledged our concerns and provided us with specific information as to how OT-4 Kids could help. We met our therapist, Danielle, soon after the initial call and we couldn't have found a better match for our family. Danielle treats our son with so much love and support. He started therapy as a shy and cautious child. Over the past year he has blossomed into a confident, enthusiastic, and social first grader who finally seems comfortable in his own skin. We could not recommend OT-4 Kids more strongly. It is a place geared toward understanding the whole family. As parents, we feel included in the process at every turn. This collaboration educates parents, and it provides relief from the concerns of having a child with sensory challenges. I can say without hesitation we have created a bond with OT-4 Kids that will last long after our son completes therapy. OT-4 Kids is nothing short of exceptional!"

"I love OT!! I wish I could come every day! I especially love the "fun room". - 7 year old student

"We have been working with OT4Kids for close to two years and couldn't be more pleased with the work and the results we saw for our son! When we noticed that our son had problems interacting with other children we decided to seek professional help. We got in contact with Patti and scheduled a comprehensive evaluation. We received a very detailed evaluation report. The report was easy to understand and we finally had a diagnosis (Sensory Integration Dysfunction) and a very specific record of his abilities. Patti took the time to meet with us and talk through the whole report and answer all of our questions. Our son started Occupational Therapy shortly thereafter. Over the time of the therapy our son worked with two therapists, Lisa and Danielle. It was a great relief for us to see that it was easy for him to bond with them. They always checked in with us to see how things evolved outside of therapy and answered any questions that came up. They also gave us tasks to supplement the therapy at home; we always felt very involved with our son's treatment. Our son has made great progress. Through the exercises he has built his core strength, his balance, he has a better spatial awareness, and he greatly improved his fine motor skills. For a time the therapy session was shared between our son and another child with his therapist. This gave both of them the chance to work on their social skills in a supportive environment. Over all with the help of OT4Kids our son is now more successful and more confident in his abilities. We can't thank Patti and her team enough!"

"Michelle is awesome! We could not be more pleased with the work she has done with our 5 year-old son. Not only has he shown measurable progress in the areas where he needed to grow, but he actually looks forward to going every week. Michelle is friendly, professional, and really enjoys her work. We highly recommend her and the entire OT 4 Kids staff."

"Michelle is a walking portrait of patience with a smile. You will not find a corporate, clinical person with Michelle. Instead, you will find a professional with a giant heart. Her upbeat, can-do attitude helped my son conquer his fear of failing: she knew just the right pace to help him with areas as different as handwriting to tying his shoes to body/spatial awareness. She tailors sessions to the child's individual needs rather than a scripted lesson plan, making sure that the activities challenge but not overwhelm. Once, when my son almost refused to go to a session because he was overwhelmed by a hard day at school, Michelle took over and by the end of the hour, he was smiling and bounced right back to a happier self. I've seen her work such magic with young children, skillfully redirecting their "off-task" behavior. She's got the rare ability to reach kids and help them progress, whatever their challenges. I highly recommend Michelle, if you are lucky enough to get her!"

"I came to Michelle when my daughter just turned 5 years old. I was getting reports from school that she would cry hysterically for hours at a time and would be inconsolable. For most of her life she was very sensory sensitive child beginning as a colicky baby at 4 months. At 12 months she was kicked out of daycare for biting. At 2 years she would have meltdowns that lasted 3 hours (not your normal 20-30 minutes cries) and at 4 years old we could not go to baseball games or concerts in the parks because she would melt down and scream that the noise was hurting her. If you touched her too hard (a normal hug) she would cry out in pain. After working with Michelle, my daughter has successfully danced at San Mateo Concert in the park. I can give her soft hugs and no more meltdowns! My daughter is confident and can feel comfortable in this world. She is doing so well in school and we can travel and explore the world together without the uncontrolled outbursts. She is empowered and a joy to be around. As a mother, my heart is so pleased to see her feel happy and content. And I love that I can hug her!!! Thank you OT-4-Kids and thank you Michelle!"

"Michelle and the leadership team at OT4Kids including the founder, Patty, have changed our lives. Objectively, Michelle has significantly increased the joy and success my young (elementary school aged) son, is having at school. His school has an extremely rigorous curriculum and with Michelle's guidance, humor and genuine love of teaching and passion for helping children he is now thriving. Case in point: We have been working with Michelle for several years now - when we first came to OT4Kids, My son was struggling and stigmatized at his former school but with Michelle's gentle, steady coaching and brilliant interventions, he has rediscovered his love of learning, has a spring in his step, a smile back on his face, is an absolute joy to be around (as reported by teachers, parents and his friends) and is testing two years above grade level in each subject - whereas before working with Michelle, and while at his former school, he almost didn't graduate from 1st grade. Michelle was able to determine the cause of my son's challenges and to adeptly address each and every one in a systematic, effective and FUN way so that he is making enormous progress AND is laughing his way through the day. He LOVES his time with Michelle"

"Kristina has been exceptional at working with our 7 year old son on behavior issues, social skills, core strength, bilateral coordination, and handwriting. He has made tremendous progress in all of these areas over the past year with her. Kristina also collaborated with our son's first grade teacher to offer strategies to support his success in the classroom. She really connects with her students and our son looks forward to his therapy sessions. We highly recommend Kristina!"

"If you have the chance to work with Kristina, take it! She is a gifted therapist and a kind-hearted human. Our daughter started working with Kristina when she was 4 and Kristina helped her learn not only the physical skills she needed to transition into kindergarten (managing a pencil, scissors, glue, balance) but also the emotional regulation skills that make her life easier to this day. And best of all, our daughter loved working with her. She looked forward to sessions, and would refer to her OT curriculum when she was at home trying to manage herself, "I'm going to take a body break to get myself in the green zone." Kristina helped our daughter feel proud to be working through the tough path of emotional regulation, and made our whole family feel supported and on the same page. Kristina communicates equally well with kids as with adults, is incredibly responsive to questions and queries, and tailors her work to each individual soul in her care rather than just rotely applying a program. She is a gem and our entire family is grateful to have had her help."

"We have been seeing Kristina for our son for a year and a half now and his progress has been wonderful! From day one, Kristina developed an instant rapport with him, which made him feel extremely comfortable with her. She is incredibly patient, creative and really knows how to help kids progress based on each individual child's temperament and comfort. Our son is always excited to go to his session - she makes the time they spend together playful and enjoyable. She is truly committed to her clients and their progress."

"We are so lucky to have found Kristina Fender. She has worked with our son for almost two years. In that time she has guided him to meeting goals such as riding a bike, propelling a swing, swallowing pills, increasing his willingness to try new foods, as well as improving fine motor skills. Kristina is an effective communicator with us as parents (reviewing test results, setting/managing expectations, prioritizing areas to focus on) while engaging our son in a way that makes therapy fun and confidence building. We would highly recommend Kristina for her knowledge, professionalism and ability to engage our child in a meaningful way. We had the pleasure and good fortune to get to work with Kristina for OT therapy for our son. Over the course of the year's therapy, we saw an amazing improvement in his writing ability. He went from struggling to write clear letters, to having some of the most beautiful handwriting for a 6 year old boy. Kristina made OT so much fun that my son didn't really consider it "therapy." He just thought of it as playtime with Ms. Kristina."

"To say that Annabelle changed our lives would not be an exaggeration. Upon the start of our treatment we were overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused by our daughter's sensory processing issues and their impact on our daily lives. But, through the course of treatment, Annabelle provided personalized treatment that gave my daughter the tools to manage and overcome these sensory challenges. Our daughter's confidence and determination have grown by leaps and bounds. Annabelle has truly been an invaluable partner in our daughter's long term success"

"When our pediatrician recommended some OT Therapy for our son, we were thrilled to find that the place he highly recommended, OT 4 Kids, was right in our backyard. And once we met and started working with Annabelle, we felt like we finally had a true ally in better understanding our son and his needs. In working with Annabelle, we saw huge improvements in our son's ability to interact with others... and as an added benefit, he looked forward to his OT sessions each week -- because he loved the environment and the encouragement he received from Annabelle. She is an amazing OT specialist and extremely talented at working with children to bring out their very best."

"I spoke with several OTs before deciding on OT4Kids and from the moment you speak to Annabelle you know that your child is in good hands. We have had an amazing experience working with her, she has a wonderful, kind, loving manner with our son who adores working with her every week. He made tremendous progress there and his confidence has improved a lot. Thanks Annabelle!"

"I wanted to let you know that my son's teachers were sooo happy about his progress, especially with his handwriting. His lead teacher said it was the quickest change she's ever seen and gave so much of the credit to Annabelle's work with him in OT!!! It's hard to even imagine that his handwriting from a few months ago came from the same kid. We are also amazed at his increased focus and attention to detail in general. Thank you for working so hard to help him!"

"Laura is an outstanding OT with exceptional devotion to the families she serves. Laura has lovingly, thoughtfully, and professionally supported our family on a tremendous range of issues. Through steady work with Laura, we have seen vast improvements in fine motor skills, sensory integration, self-regulation (with tools such as zones of regulation and unthinkables), visual perceptual development, and social skills. In addition, Laura has become a trusted advisor to our family, providing guidance on matters ranging from establishing a morning routine to educational priorities."

"Laura has a natural facility with children, easily establishing rapport and gaining their trust. Our children have at times been more open about difficult topics with Laura than with us as parents. At such times, Laura has been supportive with my kids working with them to think through skills to apply to the situation, problem solving, and validating / exploring feelings-and she always communicates these issues to us so we can be aligned."

"Among a range of therapists and helpers in our lives, Laura is by far the most thorough and communicative. She is excellent about explaining how she uses her time with my children, areas of improvement, observations, etc. She is sensitive to changes in my kids and reaches out whenever a concern arises. I could go on! Laura has been amazing for our family and we can't recommend her highly enough."

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